Updated: August 15, 2023

International Women in Cyber Day 2023
International Women in Cyber Day

Established in September 2018, International Women in Cyber Day (IWCD)™, also referred to as Women in Cyber Day™, is a global initiative backed by governmental support and led by the nonprofit organization, the Women CyberSecurity Society (WCS2). Our primary objective is to propel and sustain diversity and inclusion across all facets of the cybersecurity sector. Our ultimate aim is to garner United Nations recognition for September 1 as International Women in Cyber Day.

Our mission encompasses two key goals: firstly, to heighten awareness about the challenges affecting women’s career progression, and secondly, to honor and celebrate their invaluable contributions to the cybersecurity field. Through the IWCD Charter, we unite signatory organizations, partners, and community advocates. This coalition is equipped with the necessary tools and resources to steer diversity, inclusion, and acknowledgment initiatives, thus advancing and retaining women in the realm of cybersecurity. #IWCD #TippingTheScale #DiversityInTech #IWCD2023 #WomenInCyberDay.

About Women in Cyber Day

During 2022, the Women CyberSecurity Society effectively connected with every one of the ten provinces, securing partnerships with nine out of ten regions across Canada. Together, we achieved a significant milestone: the proclamation of September 1 as International Women in Cyber Day. This declaration symbolizes the acknowledgment of women in cybersecurity, reaffirming their entitlement to attain gender and economic equality. It also underscores the significance of cultivating a diversified cybersecurity workforce.

Furthermore, IWCD is fully committed to ensuring that women and girls enjoy a secure online environment, devoid of gender-based violence and hatred. #WomenInCyber #DiversityMatters #SafeOnlineSpaces

Our broad base of Signatories will includes companies and industries of all sizes, non-profit organizations, charities, leading Canadian educators, and government departments.

1. Introduction

The International Women in Cyber Day (IWCD) Global Charter outlines the mission, objectives, strategies, and principles for the Women CyberSecurity Society (WCS2) initiative dedicated to advancing and retaining women in the cybersecurity industry. This charter establishes the framework for the IWCD movement and its efforts to promote gender equality, diversity, industry recognition and cybersecurity awareness globally. 

This aligns with United Nations Goal #5, dedicated to Gender Equality. It emphasizes achieving economic parity and empowerment through technology, as outlined in their 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Also, it corresponds to the 67th Commission on the Status of Women’s priority theme: “Innovation and Technological Change, and Education in the Digital Age.” These efforts aim to realize gender equality and empower all women and girls. #GenderEquality #EconomicEmpowerment #UNSDGs #UNCSW67

2. Mission and Objectives

The Women CyberSecurity Society (WCS2) is committed to achieving a 30% representation of women in the cybersecurity industry by 2025. Through the endorsement of International Women in Cyber Day (IWCD), our objective is to empower women and girls to seek a career in cybersecurity and provide tools and knowledge needed so they can navigate the digital world safely and confidently.

3. Principles

  • Gender Equality: We uphold gender equality as a fundamental human right and a cornerstone for global peace, prosperity, and sustainability. Our efforts are aligned with the United Nations’ fifth goal, which centers on empowering all women and girls.
  • Diversity and Innovation: We recognize that diversity fosters creativity, innovation, and growth within organizations. IWCD seeks to promote a diverse and inclusive cybersecurity workforce to drive industry advancement.
  • Education and Awareness: We are committed to providing education and raising awareness about cybersecurity among women and girls to equip them with the skills to protect themselves from gender-based online hate and violence.

4. Strategies

  • Training Initiatives: We will offer comprehensive training programs to equip  women to enter the cybersecurity field and advance their careers into positions of leadership and decision making.
  • Mentoring Initiatives: We offer a variety of mentorship programs and events that support the needs of women and underrepresented groups interested in maintaining, transitioning or elevating a career in the cybersecurity industry.
  • Partnerships and Collaborations: We actively seek partnerships with industry stakeholders, organizations, and individuals to collectively advocate for gender equality, cybersecurity skills development and online awareness.
  • IWCD Founders Award and Gala: We have established the IWCD Founders Award to recognize exceptional lifetime contributions of women in cybersecurity. The annual IWCD Gala will celebrate achievements, showcase role models, and foster networking opportunities.

5. Guidelines for Code of Conduct

  • Respect and Inclusion: All participants, partners, and stakeholders are expected to treat each other with respect and foster an inclusive environment that values diverse perspectives. Our policies can be viewed by visiting the Women CyberSecurity Society website.
  • Ethical Conduct: We uphold the highest ethical standards in all activities associated with IWCD, ensuring transparency, honesty, and integrity.

6. Leadership and Governance

  • Leadership Structure: The Women CyberSecurity Society (WCS2) will appoint a leadership team to manage a global task force responsible for overseeing IWCD activities, partnerships, and initiatives.
  • Decision-Making Process: Decisions related to IWCD planning, partnerships, and resource allocation will be made collaboratively, with input from the leadership team and key stakeholders.

7. Conclusion

The International Women in Cyber Day Global Charter outlines the vision and strategies to drive gender equality, career advancement and cybersecurity awareness. Through collaboration, education, and recognition, we strive to empower women and girls to excel in the cybersecurity industry, creating a safer digital world for all.

~ Lisa Kearney, 

    CEO & Founder, IWCD & WCS2


There are three ways organizations can join the International Women in Cyber Day (IWCD) movement keeping in mind these steps; Pledge, Sign-Up and Act (PSA):

  1. Pledge: Organizations can join the IWCD movement by pledging their commitment to the mission and objectives outlined in the IWCD Global Charter. This involves expressing a genuine dedication to advancing gender equality, diversity, and cybersecurity awareness within their own spheres of influence. By aligning with the IWCD initiative, organizations signify their support for increasing the representation of women in the cybersecurity industry and promoting a safer digital environment for women and girls. This commitment can be publicly acknowledged through official statements, press releases, or dedicated sections on their website, highlighting their participation in the IWCD movement.
  2. Sign Up: To officially become a Signatory organization of IWCD, interested parties can complete a sign-up form provided by the Women CyberSecurity Society (WCS2). This form may collect information about the organization’s name, industry, contact details, and a brief statement about their motivation for joining the movement. By submitting this form, organizations formally express their intent to be part of the IWCD initiative and contribute to its objectives. This step facilitates the integration of the organization into the IWCD network, granting them permission and use of the official logo, access to resources, tools, and collaborative opportunities to drive diversity, inclusion, and awareness efforts in the cybersecurity field.
  3. Act: Once an organization becomes a Signatory of IWCD, they can actively participate by engaging in awareness-raising activities. Hosting events, workshops, webinars, and seminars focused on promoting gender equality, cybersecurity education, and diversity within the cybersecurity sector can be powerful contributions. These events can be targeted towards employees, partners, clients, and the wider community. Additionally, organizations can showcase their commitment by prominently displaying IWCD-related content, such as the IWCD logo, charter, and related information on their official website and social media channels. Sharing success stories, testimonials, and updates about their involvement in the IWCD movement can inspire others to join and contribute as well.

In summary, organizations can join the IWCD movement by publicly pledging their commitment to the IWCD mission, officially signing up through a provided form, and actively engaging in awareness-building activities while leveraging their online platforms to share their involvement. Through these steps, organizations become integral partners in advancing gender equality, diversity, and cybersecurity awareness as part of the IWCD initiative.


You can join the International Women in Cyber Day (IWCD) Charter and access our many Signatory resources as they become available.

To become a member of our initiative, all we require from your organization is a commitment to the pledges outlined in the IWCD charter. These pledges are designed to guide your organization’s strategies concerning the recruitment, retraining, and retention of a diverse workforce specifically for women in the cybersecurity field.

The Benefits of Joining IWCD

1. Access to Resources and Support: By joining the IWCD charter, organizations gain access to a wealth of resources, tools, and guidance that can aid in their efforts to promote gender diversity and inclusion in the cybersecurity industry. These resources can include training programs, mentoring initiatives, educational materials, and best practices shared by other signatory organizations. This support network can accelerate an organization’s progress in advancing women’s careers in cybersecurity and online safety for women and girls.

2. Enhanced Industry Recognition: Joining the IWCD charter signifies an organization’s commitment to gender equality and diversity in the cybersecurity sector. This public declaration can enhance the organization’s reputation and industry standing, showcasing their dedication to addressing under-representation and gender-related challenges. This recognition can attract positive attention from clients, partners, and potential employees who value organizations with inclusive practices.

3. Networking and Collaboration Opportunities: Being part of the IWCD charter opens doors to networking and collaboration with other like-minded organizations, government departments, non-profits, and leading educators. This collaborative environment facilitates the exchange of ideas, joint initiatives, and partnerships aimed at advancing women’s participation in cybersecurity. Organizations can tap into a broader ecosystem of individuals and entities dedicated to driving positive change.

4. Positive Impact on Workforce Diversity and Innovation: Organizations that align with the IWCD charter contribute to a more diverse and inclusive cybersecurity workforce for women and girls. Studies consistently show that diverse teams lead to increased innovation, creativity, and problem-solving. By actively participating in the IWCD movement, organizations not only support gender equality but also position themselves to harness the benefits of a diverse workforce, leading to more robust, innovative and effective cybersecurity strategies.

In summary, joining the IWCD charter offers access to valuable resources, boosts industry recognition, fosters collaboration, and positively impacts workforce diversity and innovation. These benefits collectively contribute to a stronger, more inclusive cybersecurity industry.

Responsibilities of Signatories:

  1. Primary Signatory: This individual serves as your organization’s senior IWCD representative and leads the commitments made upon signing up.
  2. Principal Contact: This person will directly liaise with IWCD and be included in our communications with your organization.
  3. Data Contact:* This person will oversee the collection and coordination of efforts to collect data to conduct surveys and other research.
  4. PR/Media Contact: This contact will engage with IWCD in activities like mutual promotion, press opportunities, sharing logos and quotes, as well as collaboration on social media endeavors. This strengthens our partnership and collective impact.

* Not application to all organizations. Individual signatories excluded. For smaller organizations, the above contacts may be the same person or several across the organization.

Enroll in the International Women in Cyber Day Charter with a simple action:
Step 1: Submit the required information by clicking on the link below to complete the form.