hat is IWCD?

International Women in Cyber Day is a global movement of women and male advocates who recognize September 1st  as a special day set aside to bring awareness to the challenges women face and celebrate women’s achievements within the cybersecurity industry.

The Women CyberSecurity Society (WCS2) celebrated the first women in cybersecurity conference here in Canada with the Inaugural Women in Cybersecurity Conference on September 12, 2019.

Keep on the watch for #IWCD2021 because we’re planning something big! We’re growing our amazing technology and educational partners and sponsors who place value on the contributions of women in this industry and want to celebrate with us in this valuable community!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IWCD?

  • International Women in Cyber Day is a global movement of women and male advocates  who  recognize September 1st  as a special day set aside to bring awareness to the issues women face in cybersecurity and celebrate the achievements of women within this industry .  This is accomplished through various social media campaigns, petitions, city proclamations and events around the globe.

Why is this needed?

  • There is a lack of diversity and inclusion for women who make up a very small percentage of the cybersecurity workforce.
  • It is generally accepted, women hold about 11% of the cybersecurity workforce jobs globally.
  • Women experience many roadblocks and inherent bias.
  • Women are exiting the industry due to the lack of support and inclusion.

What are the goals of IWCD?

  • Increase recruitment of women within the cybersecurity workforce.
  • Increase the retention rates of women working in cybersecurity.
  • Bring awareness to the unique issues and challenges women face within the industry.
  • Celebrate the achievement of women.
  • Narrow the gender gap.
  • Narrow the skills gap.

How can you participate in IWCD?

There are several opportunities for you to get involved and participate in various levels to join the celebration of IWCD!

Become  an advocate and champion of women in cybersecurity  by petitioning your national government to recognize September 1st as IWCD.

Share Your Story!

Raise Your Voice!

Bring awareness to the unique challenges you face as a woman working in cybersecurity.

Join the fun by creating and sharing your video.

Celebrate Your Achievements!

Tell your story and share across social media platforms using the hashtags

#IWCD2023 #TipTheScale #WomenInCyberDay #Diversity #CyberWomenCelebrate

How Can You Support IWCD? Partnership & Advocacy Program

Dear IWCD Supporters,

Thank you for all the love and support in 2019 and 2020.  Last year’s IWCD campaign was filled with many successes here in Canada, including over 1200 signatures of our International Petition on Change.org.

The Women CyberSecurity Society (WCS2) celebrated the first women in cybersecurity conference here in Canada with the Inaugural Women in Cybersecurity Conference on September 12, 2019.  Keynotes for this historic event included speeches from our local Member of Parliament, Hon. Dr Hedy Fry P.C., M.P., and the City of Vancouver’s Councillor, Melissa De Genova who spoke elegantly on the importance of diversity and inclusion and the need for more women in cybersecurity.

We also received three regional declarations from Canada’s leading mayors, across the country. Thank you, Mayor Kennedy Stewart, Mayor Danny Breen, and Mayor Jim Watson for all your support and advocacy of women in cybersecurity during 2019 with more to be announced for 2021!

These three capital regions proclaimed International Women in Cyber Day for September 1st which are the City of Vancouver, the City of St. John’s and the City of Ottawa.  See the signed proclamations to the right

We also received this personal conference video message from The Right Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who supports and advocates on the important role women play within the cybersecurity industry.

The Honourable Dr Hedy Fry, P.C., M.P. is a champion of women in technology who walks the walk by including IWCD on her 2020 Calendar that went out to nearly 700,000 constituents in the Vancouver Centre riding. Thank you, Hon. Hedy Fry!

Keep on the watch for #IWCD2021 because we’re planning something big! We’re growing our amazing technology and educational partners and sponsors who place value on the contributions of women in this industry and want to celebrate with us in this valuable community!

Lastly, we’re submitted our 2021 e-petition to the Government of Canada, which is now awaiting a government response.  Sign up to receive updates and announcements on this initiative.

News and Media Celebrating IWCD

AusCERT – https://x.com/empressbat/status/1565145694390059008

AWISN – https://x.com/sisinerdtweets/status/1300771452204056576

Austraila Women In Security Network (AWSN) – https://x.com/awsn_au/status/1432868067332149251

Amazon – https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1929038828

Apple (David Litchfield, Director of Information Security Assurance) – https://x.com/dlitchfield/status/1565387520799834112

Apptega – https://x.com/apptega/status/1565392101428412417

Australian Information Security Association (AISA) National – https://x.com/AISA_National/status/1697495016686727292


Centre For Cyber Security Research – https://x.com/YCherdantseva/status/1565341904656826369

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Cyber Safe Foundation – https://x.com/cybersafehq/status/1697624728008077724

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Cyber Solve – https://x.com/CyberSolve_IAM/status/1570529887865409538

Defence Australia – https://x.com/DefenceAust/status/1237956754178076672

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Roppers Academy – https://x.com/RoppersAcademy/status/1386386685794136072

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Irish Defence Force (1 Brigade) – https://x.com/1Bde_Official/status/1697639080056533200

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eSentire – https://x.com/eSentire/status/1433177268839399431

Dr. Hedy Fry (MP Vancouver Centre) – https://x.com/HedyFry/status/1407450835878125577

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SheSec Pakistan – https://x.com/shesecpakistan/status/1433091972454092801

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Virginia Cyber Range – https://x.com/VaCyberRange/status/1697656029868101870

ISC2 – https://www.isc2.org/Insights/2023/09/International-Women-in-Cyber-Day-Encourages-and-Celebrates-Women-All-Year-Long

Elder Abuse Prevention of Ontario – https://x.com/EAPreventionON/status/1565368865277755392

Global Network of Women Peacebuilders (GNWP) – https://x.com/gnwp_gnwp/status/1565442764430610436

Maltego – https://x.com/MaltegoHQ/status/1565278627327053826

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IT World Canada 2020 –

IT World Canada 2019 –

International Days – https://www.internationaldays.co/event-kids/international-women-in-cyber-day/r/recX3vmkJOeWwTHYL

MPP for Brampton Centre, Associate Minister of Women’s Social & Economic Opportunity – https://x.com/Charmomof5/status/1697714744466042927

PWC Canada – https://www.instagram.com/p/Cwpm4L9MKmU/

Cyber Magazine – https://cybermagazine.com/cyber-security/international-women-in-cyber-day-1st-september-2023

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Secure Purple (Founder, Adnan Malik) – https://x.com/adnanmalikinfo/status/1300803140032311296

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We Are Tech Women – https://wearetechwomen.com/international-women-in-cyber-day-its-never-too-late-to-restart-even-with-an-apprenticeship/

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City of Regina –

City of Winnipeg

City of Calgary

City of Vancouver

FORVIS (Cindy Boyle – National Practice Lead) – https://www.forvis.com/video/2023/08/international-women-in-cyber-day

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Data Security Council of India – https://x.com/DSCI_Connect/status/1565321346376028161

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Information Technology Outsource El Salvador – https://www.instagram.com/p/Ch-7f29NM3Z

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Confidence Staveley – https://x.com/sisinerdtweets/status/1697522533250019484
Dr Magda Chelly– https://x.com/m49D4ch3lly/status/1565377321762230272
Women On Cyber – https://x.com/Womenoncyber/status/1565140845187289100
Yulia Cherdantseva (Senior Lecturer in Cyber Security at Cardiff University) – https://x.com/YCherdantseva/status/1565341904656826369

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Lianne Potter (Head of SecOps UK) – https://x.com/Tech_Soapbox/status/1168062767292702720

Partner at EY Oceania (Michelle Price) – https://x.com/Mich11775/status/1565130895153307650

Ingrid Hernandez (Associate Attorney) – https://x.com/Ingrid_HdezS/status/1697681940554354704

Camille Stewart Gloster – https://x.com/CamilleEsq/status/1565410864714358785
Mia (Copenhagen) – https://x.com/mivsen/status/1168240677894983685

Jobl3ss Hack3r – https://x.com/Hack3rJobl3ss/status/1433055223271108608

Lee Reiber (CEO & Founder of Oxygen Forensics) – https://x.com/Celldet/status/1389673533895319554

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Penten – https://x.com/PentenCyber/status/1168027575492300800

Level Effect LLC – https://x.com/Level_Effect/status/1389248410503598083

Cardiff University (Prof. Pete Burnap) – https://x.com/pbFeed/status/1565439286023012353

CASIS Vancouver – https://x.com/CASISVancouver/status/1171908388982157312

Cybersecurity in Africa – https://x.com/CyberInAfrica/status/1432961424444252161

WCS2 Gambia – https://x.com/WCS2_Gambia/status/1565262032647102464

Innovation Cybersecurity Ecosystem at BLOCK71 (ICE71) – https://x.com/ICE71_/status/1300636372852551681

Triple OKLaw LLP, Kenya

Minister of Public and Business Service Delivery MPP for Mississauga East-Cooksville (Kaleed Rasheed) – https://x.com/krasheedmpp/status/1697676424956506483

Techerati – https://x.com/The_Techerati/status/1697579440308379691

WIT Network – https://x.com/TheWITNetwork/status/1168194066128998400

Xalient (CEO, Sherry Vaswani) – https://x.com/Xalient/status/1697582943353340170

PRPR UK – https://x.com/prpr_uk/status/1697621089919131800

Dean Walton (PWC Partner) – https://x.com/DeanTWalton/status/1698726264159572131

Cybersixgill – https://x.com/Cybersixgill/status/1697715448580915518


Board of Directors
IWCD Ambassadors

Advisory Committee

Women CyberSecurity Society

International Women in Cyber Day


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