How will you be celebrating International Women in Cyber Day on September 1st?

Select and share you celebration cards on social media!

How to use: Download one or more of these testimonial cards to use during your celebration of International Women in Cyber Day!

Use #1: Print off your personal favorite, hold in front of you and take a photo to share across social media. Don’t forget to tag us on social media @womenincyberday, @womencssociety and use these hashtags. #TippingTheScale #IWCD2023 #womenincyberday

Use #2: Save the digital format of the card and use as your screensaver on your desktop, laptop or tablet.

Use #3: Save your favorite IWCD Testimonial Card to your desktop, share on social media with a comment as to why you selected your card to share. Tag us on social media @womenincyberday, @womencssociety and use one or more of these hashtags. #TippingTheScale #IWCD2023 #womenincyberday

Download and use one of last year’s IWCD testimonial cards!

IWCD Phone Wallpaper

How to use: Download and save one or more of these images to use as your mobile phone wallpaper. Share with colleagues and friends in security and technology fields.