IWCD Phone Wallpaper

How to use: Download and save one or more of these images to use as your mobile phone wallpaper. Share with colleagues and friends in security and technology fields.

IWCD Testimonial Cards

How to use: Download one or more of these testimonial cards to use during your celebration of International Women in Cyber Day!

Use #1: Print off your personal favorite, hold in front of you and take a photo to share across social media. Don’t forget to tag us on social media @womenincyberday and use these hashtags. #TipTheScale #IWCD2021 #womenincyberday

Use #2: Save the digital format of the card and use as your screensaver on your desktop, laptop or tablet.

Use #3: Save your favorite IWCD Testimonial Card to your desktop, share on social media with a comment as to why you selected your card to share. Tag us on social media @womenincyberday and use one or more of these hashtags. #TipTheScale #IWCD2021 #womenincyberday