Welcome to the nominations page for the 2nd International Women in Cyber Day Founders Award. We are excited to honour exceptional women who have significantly contributed to cybersecurity. Nominations are now open, so take this opportunity to recognize and celebrate the achievements of remarkable women around the globe in cybersecurity!

Since 2018, the mission of International Women in Cyber Day has remained two-fold: to raise awareness of the challenges and barriers that impact women’s success in the cybersecurity industry and to celebrate and recognize the invaluable contributions and achievements of women in this field globally. We aim to shed light on the gender disparities and biases within cybersecurity, advocating for a more inclusive and equitable environment. 

By fostering awareness, we strive to empower women and underrepresented groups to overcome these obstacles and thrive in the industry. Additionally, we proudly honour the outstanding accomplishments of women cybersecurity professionals, researchers, educators, and advocates worldwide, inspiring future generations and encouraging greater diversity and representation in this critical domain. Through education, recognition, and celebration, we strive to realize a future where women’s potential in cybersecurity is fully recognized, leading to a safer and more innovative digital world for all.

Nomination Form:

Please complete the nomination form below to propose a deserving candidate for the 2nd Annual International Women in Cyber Day Founders Award. Fields marked with (*) are mandatory.

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Criteria for Selection:

The finalists and winners will be selected based on the following weighted criteria:

Impactful Contributions: Nominees should have made significant and impactful contributions to the cybersecurity industry, demonstrating their commitment to driving positive change and advancements within the field.

Innovation and Leadership: The award recognizes women who have shown exceptional innovation, leadership, and vision in their work, including research, while inspiring others and pushing the boundaries of cybersecurity.

Advocacy and Empowerment: Nominees should have actively advocated for gender equality and women’s empowerment in cybersecurity, working towards creating a more inclusive and diverse industry.

Educators and Instructors: Women who have excelled as educators, professors, or instructors in academic institutions, cybersecurity training programs, or nonprofit founders. They have contributed to developing the next generation of cybersecurity professionals by imparting valuable knowledge, skills, programs, services, and best practices.

Mentorship and Support: The award seeks to honour women who have been exceptional mentors and supporters, fostering the growth and development of others in the cybersecurity community.

Nomination Eligibility:

The selection committee will choose ten candidates as finalists and select one unique individual as the 2nd IWCD Founders Award recipient. For more information on last year’s winner, visit https://womencybersecuritysociety.org/blog/f/canadas-first-lady-in-cybersecurity.

Diversity & Inclusion: The award is open to all individuals identifying as women, regardless of nationality or background.

Industry Maturity: Nominees must have made a notable impact in cybersecurity through their professional achievements, research, or advocacy efforts.

Professional Tenure: Nominees’ career stage is subject to specific restrictions. To be eligible for consideration, each nominee must possess at least ten years of proven cybersecurity experience, as this award recognizes lifetime achievements in the field.

International Reach: The award enthusiastically welcomes nominations from women cybersecurity professionals worldwide, celebrating their remarkable achievements on a grand international scale!

Previous Recognition: Nominees may have received previous accolades, but consideration is optional.

The 2nd Annual International Women in Cyber Day Founders Award recognizes women’s exceptional contributions and achievements in the cybersecurity industry. By honouring these trailblazers, the award encourages more excellent gender representation and inspires future generations to pursue careers in cybersecurity. Nominations for the award serve as a platform to celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of women shaping the landscape of cybersecurity and driving much-needed positive change in the industry.

Please ensure that all the information provided is accurate and detailed to facilitate the selection process. The deadline for nominations is Monday, August 25, 2023, at 17:00 PST. We look forward to receiving your nominations and celebrating the incredible achievements of women in cybersecurity!

If you have any questions or encounter issues with the nomination form, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

Best regards,

International Women in Cyber Day Committee